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SAE 4130 Steel Elements

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Elements characteristics: The carbon content makes the steel easier to weld and also helps it to respond to heat treatment. The manganese contributes to the strength of the alloy. Silicon helps to remove oxygen during steel making and also contributes to the overall hardness of the alloy. The chromium and molybdenum contents are strengthening agents that may be useful in certain applications.
4130 steel is part of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) family of steel grades. BEBONSTEEL will supply SAE 4130 flat bars, round bars and angles. SAE 4130 round bar contains alloying elements including both chromium and molybdenum. It is considered a low alloy steel because its percentage of metals is low in proportion to its main component, iron.
SAE 4130 low alloy round bar may be supplied as hot rolled, cold drawn, rough turned or turned and polished. This alloy may also be annealed or heat treated depending on the end application.
SAE 4130 steel is readily machined by conventional methods. To increase its machinability, 4130 round bar may be normalized and tempered. It may also be supplied in a fully heat treated condition making the machinability of 4130 steel more difficult with the increased hardness. Tempering may be done to restore some of the ductility after heat treatment and quench. SAE 4130 steel bars can supplied with diameter up to 1000mm. If you are looking for SAE 4130 steel round bars, please send your RFQ to us.

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