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Supply ASTM 202 Stainless Steel, Price of 202 Stainless Steel

 Bebon supplies ASTM 202 stainless steel with large range of dimension. Stainless steel has three kinds: martensitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, and austenitic stainless steel. 202 stainless steel is one kind of austenitic stainless steel. 

202 Stainless Steel Properties
Tensile strength min.: 515Mpa
Yield strength min.: 275Mpa
Elongation at break: 40%
Hardness min.: 95HRB
ASTM 202 Stainless Steel Heat Treatment: 
202 stainless steel should be soaked at 1038°C (1900°F) for 30 minutes and cooled below 16°C (60°F) for full martensite transformation.202 stainless steel can be welded by common fusion and resistance methods.
202 Stainless Steel Applications: 
Type 202 stainless steel is widely used in building decoration, municipal engineering projects, road divider, hotel facilities, shopping malls, glass handrails, public facilities and other places.
202 stainless steel has many features. ASTM 202 stainless steel is non-corrosive, light weight, and long lasting. We supply large 202 stainless steel stock and competitive price of 202 stainless steel.
quality control system

As a service oriented enterprises, Bebon has more strict requirements for quality than mill. The core of our service is best quality. In order to give better service to our customer and build the brand of Bebon, Our Bebon have made a scientific quality management system.

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